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Welcome to DecisiveGaming.com!

Our mission at Decisive Gaming is to cover the wide world of video games while making sure you have the information you need to make good decisions when it comes to your gaming budget. Gaming isn’t cheap and not getting any cheaper. The sheer number of choices you have grows daily, and whether you like RPGs or shooting other players in a competitive arena, you have some tough decisions to make.

That’s Where We Come In

The people who make up the Decisive Gaming team are a lot like you. We love gaming. We spend a lot of our entertainment budget on gaming, and like you, we’ve made plenty of bad buying decisions. This site was designed from the ground up with a purpose, and we assembled a team tailored to it. Members have been handpicked from around the industry. Some have worked for publishers or developers, and other we’re already gaming or industry-related journalists at other websites and print publications.

Game Reviews

We create a lot of different content, but the content that’s most important to us is our game reviews. These are the primary reason our readers come here. For high-profile games, we’ll often have multiple reviews going on so that we can provide you with different perspectives. We avoid strict schedules for our reviewers as well. In an ideal world, we get review copies early enough to complete the game and finish the review before the game comes out. Our existence is rarely a perfect world. Sometimes our reviews are weeks late, but that’s OK because our readers tend to be the type of gamer who make release-day purchase the exception rather than the rule.

Keeping It Real

We’re decisive about who we are and what we stand for. It’s in our name. It’s the approach we take to game reviews. If our reviewers have an opinion, we let them express it even if it’s an unpopular opinion or an opinion that may burn a bridge. DecisiveGaming.com has had advertisers pull their ads, developers refuse to send us review copies and publishers turn us away at the doors to their events. To us, that just means we’re doing something right. It doesn’t make our job easy, but it lets you know that when you watch a Decisive Gaming video or read one of our articles that it’s earnest.

Game Prices and Tracking

In the United States, new AAA titles are $60 a pop or as much as $100 when factoring in the season pass. Elsewhere in the world, these games cost even more. This is a lot of money and the reason why many of us wait six months or even longer to play new games. One of the ways we aim to help you and us do that better is with our game price tracking system. We track game prices across a wide range of platforms and retailers. Find the lowest price available at any given time, and you can even request notifications when a game hits your target price.

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